The amulet regulation for sending and receiving the certification by Amulet Association (Samakom Phra)

The amulet regulation for sending and receiving the certification by Amulet Association (Samakom Phra)

1. You can send your amulets in the working day from Monday to Saturday since 11.00-16.30 pm at Amulet Association (Samakom Phra) on the 2nd floor at Pantip Ngamwongwang  

2. All amulets you submit to Amulet Association (Samakom Phra) in order to get the certification card, they should be not covered with anything including amulet wrapping and plastics wrapping etc.

3. The amulet certification fee will be charge 700 baht in all kinds of amulets

4. The customers need to leave your amulet for checking approximately 4-7 working days. Amulet Association (Samakom Phra) will be close for submitting amulet on Monday and they will give back together with inform the result on the Thursday every week

frequently asked question (FAQ): In case that sending the amulet after Monday, what the day of customer will be get the amulet back?

Answer: the customer will get the amulet back on the next Thursday

5. In terms of safety, firstly, Amulet Association (Samakom Phra) will take your amulet photo in order to attach when you get the amulet back from Samakom Phra. This document will be kept in here one copied and other one will be with the sender. Apart from this, there are safety room for keeping all amulet together with the CCTV by all time operating. More than this, we also allow only the participant by fingerprint scanning. We also provide the high definition of safety system after 9.30 P.M. that department store is closed. There are always security guard observe 24 hours

6. In terms of the consideration in authenicity and accuracy, Samakom phra will be follow the standard amulet regulation by the professional committee in each type of amulets by Samakom phra’s consideration. In each type, there are at least 5 professional committee and totally around 100 because we need to make sure the result will be the most accurate 

7. After the consideration, the authentic amulets will be back with the paper in order to get the certification next Thursday. In terms of the Non-authentic amulets will attach sticker show on the box. In case that cannot identity or cannot consideration, Samakom Phra will be charge only 100 Baht and return 600 Baht back. Customers can do the return money process at Samakom Phra on the 3rd floor

8. Customers need to send and get amulet back by yourself (no service for pick-return or delivery). In case that inconvenience, customers need to write the letter of the power of attorney and attach identification card (ID) or the other for pick amulets back.

9. In case that customer lost their authentic certification card, they need to report at the police station in order to have the report document to make the new card and it will be cost 7oo baht for the fee

In case that customer need to change the name of the amulet owner, there are two ways. Firstly, bring the old card back to Samakom Phra by using the same number. By doing this Samakom Phra will be kept the old information and show the new status of information and charge for these 700 baht. The second way that cannot bring the old one to return, the customers need to start the new process for the certification by Amulet Association (Samakom Phra)


In case that Samakon Phra inform you that they need to recheck for more information, the customer will need to bring amulets to Samakom Phra without any payment